Dark Night

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I am sitting in our hotel in the pitch dark. It is 10:25 PM and while talking with Deb they turned off the generator in our hotel. With that all the lights went out. Other businesses in the neighborhood still have their generators on and we can hear load music coming from the pool hall across the street. The idea of not having reliable power is something we don’t think about in the states. It is easy to think about living in a place where power is not certain and water is not drinkable, but actually doing it is something totally different. I was made for a place like this, not sure the rest of my family is.

Had a wonderful dinner of local food at a restaurant called New Life. Ilise and the kids went someplace together earlier and I believe Ilise is done with this food. Need to find some American food quickly tomorrow. The kids have been getting along very well with a few minor challenges, mostly around sleeping arrangements. We have been staying in two separate rooms and one of us sleeps with one child and they both want to sleep with their mom. Good thing I don’t have low self esteem or I might think they don’t love me J

When I got back from dinner both kids were sleeping and Ilise was reading a book. Still have a lot of work to do on U-TOUCH so that is what we will do tonight. Time to get to work, so will continue with more tomorrow.

‘Til next time …..


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