July 30 – The Brilliance

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We have been here less than a week and I have met a number of young, ambitious and motived young people. I have always been fascinated by individuals with great intelligence, and they live as much in Uganda as they do in the US. The only difference is that here they are trapped in situations of poverty and neglect that they struggle to overcome.

I have known many people that have excellent brain capacity and I enjoy talking with them because they see the world so differently than I do. They are able to understand concepts and technologies that most of us can’t. Over the past week I have met Saddat, Armstrong and Robert; three young men that are obviously intelligent beyond the average person. They have a different drive and motivation than most yet they are trapped, trapped in a culture that doesn’t value their brilliance and an educational system that doesn’t work well at all. In the end, it is the poverty that keeps them from reaching even a fraction of their potential. U-TOUCH is looking to change this and that is why we are here. Looking forward to helping in this effort to initiative change. This is fun!


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