Heading to the Airport

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Well, we are waiting in Queens for our taxi to take us to JFK for our flight. It was a great day starting with breakfast with an old friend, Miles Rose. I haven’t seen Miles in close to 15 years and it was nice to see him. He was extremely generous with his connections, as always, and hopefully something will come of his efforts to support our mission in Uganda.

Our first leg of the trip is about 10 hours from NYC to Istanbul where we will try to get some sleep, but not too much sleep. We will be arriving in Uganda at 3 AM local time and will need to adjust to the time zone differences. We will see how everyone fares on that front. We will be spending our first two nights at the home of Joshua Kyallo, someone very close to U-TOUCH and someone who has become a personal friend. I look forward to seeing Joshua, seeing his home and spending some time touring Kampala.

Next post will be from somewhere outside of the US!

‘Til then….


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