Let the Games Begin!

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Peaceful morning on Swan Lake from the kayak

Well, if our summer stopped right now and we went back to our life in San Diego I could easily say it was an amazing summer. Kids had a great time at camp, the weather was wonderful, we got to see lots of friends and family, but I believe the real amazing part is just about to begin!

I am in NYC at my mother-in-laws apartment with Ilise and the kids and they are still asleep as I write this post. Later today we will head to Queens for a good-bye dinner with Hope and Marty (my mother-in-law and her boyfriend) and then off to JFK for the beginning of our journey, a midnight flight to Istanbul. Once in Istanbul we take a flight to Kigali in Rawanda and then a short puddle jumper to Entebbe Airport in Uganda. I believe we will be picked up by a taxi, since it will be 3 AM local time, OUCH! Some time adjustment will be needed by most upon our arrival in Kampala.

This trip is something I have been looking forward to since I met my wife, Ilise, and probably even earlier. When we first met she was planning an African safari with her sister. We met in June of 1997 and in September she left for South Africa. On her trip she would fax me notes about her travels and what a great time she was having. Today email seems a lot more efficient! I had always dreamed of going on a safari and now it is upon us. All of the nature photography I have taken over the years has been so enjoyable, and how much better can nature get than Africa? I will let you know upon our return 🙂

We have some amazing volunteer work to do in Uganda before we get to our safari. The work with U-TOUCH is something I believe will be life changing for me and Ilise, and especially our kids. There are so many lessons to learn in life, but appreciating what you have is high on my list. Time to do our little part to make the world a better place.

‘Til next time.


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