NY Arrival

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Kesslin Family Monterey 2011

We arrived in NYC on Wednesday, June 20th, and headed to Queens to pick up Hope’s car (Hope is Ilise’ mom). Of course Hope had prepared a nice meal for us, even though it was close to 10 PM EST. What else is a good Jewish grandmother supposed to do? We were able to make it into NYC that evening and dropped off the kids and Ilise and I went to park the car. Those familiar with parking a car on the streets of Manhattan will appreciate the fact that I returned to the apartment no more than 5 minutes later, having found a parking spot just one block away, at 11:30 PM on a weeknight. That is extremely unusual in NYC!

For those of you who know me well, I have always had a very positive mental attitude (PMA) and I always drive around near my mother-in-laws apartment looking for spots, and we usually find one within 5 -10 minutes. I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard my mother-in-law and her boyfriend, Marty, complain about looking for parking spots for an hour or more. One of the reasons I believe this happens is that they go looking assuming there will be NO spots, so they don’t find any spots. True positive mental attitude is an amazing thing, but you can’t fake it you really need to believe it!

So, we spent the morning in NYC and then headed to CT to meet with Ilise and the kid’s best friends, the Rubin family. We were only able to spend a couple of hours with Lizzy, Jessica and Zachary, but everyone had a great time. I headed over to spend some time with Ilise’ cousin, Paul White, who recently went to work for Frontier Communications. Turns out his office was only 1.3 miles from the Rubin’s home. It was really nice to see Paul and get caught up a bit. Then it was time to head to Swan Lake, our home for the next month. We arrived on Thursday night around 10 PM and started to unload the car; happy, happy, joy, joy 🙂

Swan Lake is Ilise’ happy place and the rest of the family really enjoys it as well. The kids will go to camp for 12 days starting next Sunday, my parents come up from Florida and my mother-in-law will spend a lot of time with us as well. So, lots of family and lots of friends that we don’t get to see since we moved to San Diego. We have two kayaks on the lake that we like to use daily and a waverunner if we can find a car with a hitch. Looking forward to the next month!


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