Eagle Pictures

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The picture on the left is one of the best pictures I have taken of the eagle on Swan Lake. I was in the kayak and was watching it hanging out in a tree and it started to fly. I leaned back in the kayak and just snapped a picture and when I got back to load the pictures onto the computer I saw this picture. From that day on I have been addicted to taking pictures of this family of eagles.

Last summer there was a youngling (pictured below), which was full size but didn’t know how to fly. It was amazing going back day after day and watching the young eagle stuck on a small mound of dirt just off the shore. We believe it was trying to fly and landed on this little mount of dirt rather than on shore. We learned that a normal baby eagle will land on shore and then climb a tree to learn how to fly. So, since it landed in the middle of the lake with no tree to climb it could do anything. I spent the next 3 weeks watching it learn to fly. The adult eagles would bring their baby fish to eat and he just hung out until he was able to fly to shore. It was very cool to watch.

Looking forward to many more pictures this summer!


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