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Welcome to the Kesslin Family blog designed to highlight our summer travels. We have an amazing summer planned with a month back in NY and then 3 1/2 weeks in Africa. We are heading to Uganda to volunteer time with a non-profit called U-TOUCH that we have been working with for the past year. U-TOUCH is installing used computer systems in rural villages in Africa and we will be visiting 3 villages on our trip.

The first village that we will be visiting houses the main U-TOUCH facility, which is in Gulu. We will be spending 3-4 days there. On the way to Gulu we are planning to stop at Merchuson Falls and take lots of pictures. We should be able to see elephants, giraffe, chimpanzees and many other animals during this part of our travels. Once we leave Gulu we will head to Katine.

The U-TOUCH Center in Katine has been sponsored by The Guardian newspaper in London. They have donated $15,000 to help support the center there. Once we are finished in Katine we will be heading to Mbale. Mbale is the home to the Abayudaya Jewish community. There are 1,500 Jews living in Uganda and we are looking to build a U-TOUCH Center there this year. Drew, our daughter, is having her Bat Mtizvah next May and we are excited for her to get connected with the kids from this community.

Our final stop in Uganda will be Kampala, the capital city. I believe that I will have the opportunity to meet with the Minister of ICT and possibly the Minister of Finance to discuss how entrepreneurship and technology can transform Uganda. This should be an amazing journey!

The final portion of our trip will be an 8 day safari in Kenya. We will be visiting the Masai Marra and will be joined by my brother, Kenny. I promise you that I will be taking thousands of pictures so be ready to see Kenya and Uganda through my lens 🙂

Thank you for following our blog!


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